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Today's Tweets - Tachyon
December 13th, 2009
11:55 pm
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Today's Tweets

19:07 watching Syfy's Alice - wasn't expecting much after Tin Man, but so far it doesn't suck - Connor from Primeval makes a good Hatter... #

19:14 oh & now Matt Frewer (Max-max-max Headroom) has turned up as the white knight #

19:17 just heard from the @scaree one - apparently the maglock on her shop has finally failed (it's only been scheduled for repair for a month)... #

19:18 ...& she can't leave- luckily there's a repairman in the area & should be there by 8... #

20:46 am finding Brizzly's mute button very helpful #notwatchingxfactor #

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