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Wee Small Hours - Tachyon — LiveJournal
October 27th, 2002
04:50 am
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Wee Small Hours
Given up trying to watch Dr Who - the bad weather keeps interrupting the Satellite Signal - Instead we're listening to the 2nd Series of Earthsearch, which we've got hold of courtesy of WinMX & the Wonders of Broadband:-)
In the meanwhile I've got Some Who audios, the Birds of Prey pilot & episode 3 of Joss Wheldon's Firefly coming down - oh yes & Slap Her, She's French! - simply cos i agree with the sentiment:-)

PS this was written shorlty after the 2nd 1am, but LJ wouldn't let me post it then cos it couldn't understand how i was posting my next entry before the last one:-)

Current Mood: content-ish

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