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Saturday Update

Well, it was shaping up to be a good day. We were both feeling well, we both woke up fairly early, watched yesterday's Dollhouse (it's shaping up really well, I hope the numbers get better & it doesn't get cancelled) & the Lions hunting the Wildebeest (from the new BBC1 series). I'd made Marie a fry-up & done myself fish & chips in Wine & cheese sauce. I'd rather over done it so I had just lied down for a while when CRACK! TINKLE!  came from the kitchen. WTF! I got up & saw that our oven door had shattered, for no very good reason that I can make out. Ah well, luckily we have an halogen oven & an old dirty oven I haven't got round to dumping yet that we might be able to salvage the door from. I've swept the glass up & Marie's put some bread on. I'm listening to Joe Haldeman's The Coming atm.
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