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A few goodies

My Goodies
(Edit to show the piccy:strange that didn't work the first time - I used Semagic to do the code & it showed in preview)

It was our stocktake last Sunday, so I earned a fair bit of overtime & decided to splash out a bit.
I'd come across a book  about Firefly I quite liked the look of, & with the release of  Serenity on DVD  It was natural to order that too.
I decided to complete the hattrick by getting the Firefly DVD - I thought I was going to be thwarted at first because Amazon were out of stock but when I went back to take it off the order I found Amazon Jersey had it in stock & it worked out a little cheaper. We'd already ordered an external DVD burner - when Amazon ran out of that too I was able to pick up what we think was an ex-display model - it works quite nicely with our laptops.
This all arrived on Thursday - today Marie had a little surprise for me - a handy dandy little USB kit with an retracting cord & all the converters anyone likely to need.

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