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We went to the theatre Thursday... - Tachyon
March 21st, 2005
12:10 am
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We went to the theatre Thursday...
..to see Arsenic and Old Lace. It's one of Marie's favourite plays & it had the 7th Dr Who in it, so how could we pass it up. Brigit Forsyth & Angela Thorne were great as the two kind-heartedly murderous old ladies, Mark Heenehan (who's main claim to fame seems to be that he was the 2nd TinkyWinky) was marvellous as their nephew who though he was Teddy Roosevelt & Sylvester had great fun as Dr Einstein (not the Dr Einstein), obviously modelling his performance on that of Peter Lorre who played the part in the Film.
We had a good night out & hopefully helped to take Marie's mind off her rather grotty week
We shall be back at the Devonshire for Round the Horne Revisited in May & I might even drag her nibs along to the Mikado

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