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Christmas is over, hurrah! - Tachyon
December 27th, 2004
03:28 pm
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Christmas is over, hurrah!
...not that I especially dislike Xmas, but the run-up to it has been particularly taxing.Not only did it continue to be extremely busy at work (50% busier than last year, which considering how poor the retail trade in general is doing), but also this week I've had to cope with some sort of lurgy, & having the engine go on the car. Well I've just about recovered from the lurgy (not before giving it to her nibs, I'm not sure she's quite forgiven me yet) & luckily our garage had a cheap car for sale. Unfortunately I needed it for Boxing Day as her nibs needed to get into work. So instead of being able to take it easy Xmas Eve I had to get down to the Garage, take the car out for a test run, pry her nibs away from her puter so she could check the seat suited her, & then get the it insured & taxed - the latter involving signing up for a fax to email gateway (free, luckily) so Elephant could fax us a cover note & then a trip to a second Post Office after the first one refused to accept the printed out fax as proof of insurance...
Anyway I managed to get it all sorted before the POs closed at 4, & then came home to a nice relax in front of our nice new TV & the 1st Tomorrow People Story which the nice people at Lovefilm had sent us just in time for Xmas...Mind you , I'd asked for Spiderman 2...maybe we'll have that for Next weekend.

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Date:December 27th, 2004 05:33 pm (UTC)
I think Kate might buy Spiderman 2 with her huge wodge of Christmas cash. She must have watched Spiderman about 80 times or so ...

Did you have an enjoyable Christmas & Boxing Day?
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