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Old Fashioned Halloween fun

We went round to Lindsay's, Marie's old boss (& about the the only boss she has any time for:-) As we arrived a couple of trick or treaters were leaving & thats the last we saw of that. We'd just got the 2 Pratchett DVDs & we put Soul Music on as being appropriate Halloween entertainment. We'd also brought our electronic Battleships game along at the demand of 11 year old Kelly (aka the Jorb monster) & once she'd had a go at that she started wanting to play Twister...Fortunately I'd brought some apples along.. You see in my youth there was none of this trick or treat malarkey - on Halloween we used to bob for apples. So I produced the apples & plopped them into a bowl - telling Kelly to leave the twister mat behind as it was waterproof...what a good idea THAT turned out to be. Kelly took to apple-bobbinglike a duck to water... By the end we had 6 apples, a rubber duck, an onion, a comb & an avocado stone in there & she was doing it against the clock....
Kelly bobbing for apples etc
This is Kelly trying to get to grips with the onion..click on the pic if you want to see more
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