Tachyon (tachs) wrote,

Trying out our new DVD player

we watched The Avengers movie. It was the 1st time we'd seen it - I'd wanted to go when it came out in the cinemas but they pulled it after the 1st week cos no-one was going to see it. Our expectations were low & it was fairly crappy - but we did watch it again. Uma Thurman was pretty good as Mrs Peel - her English accent was cut-glass & only slipped once. Ralph Fiennes (who interestingly is in both the next Harry Potter and the next Wallace & Gromit) was pretty crap as John Steed - didn't have 1/10th of the charisma of Patrick Macnee but we suspect that may have been due to the Director - there was no sign he had any affection for the show.I reckon Pierce Brosnan would have been ideal as Steed - her nibs suggested Edward Woodward's son (currently playing Galen the technomage in Crusade) would be ideal. The script was pretty dire & poor old Sean Connery as the master villain was grossly underused - as well as looking surprisingly like Windsor Davies (we reckoned they should have got Windsor to do the role & spent the money they paid Sean on a better script:-)).
We reckon it could have been a really good movie if it only it had been made by someone who cared about the material and not some hollywood hack.
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