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It's all right now, she's gone to bed

Actually I sent the all clear some time ago by SMS, but O2 &/or LJ seem to have eaten it.
We're beginning to get straight here, the Dragons & Orangs are settling in nicely & the books are (more or less) under control.
Work is still hectic - most of you will probably not be aware that Penguin have a nice shiny new automated warehouse which doesn't work... this means a lot more business for your friendly neighbourhood book wholesaler as Penguin are getting the books sent directly from the printers to us, & we're then sending them out to a lot of the customers who would usually be ordering direct. It is a bit annoying being dragged away from your work to go out and pick orders for a couple of hours each day but at least I'm getting plenty of exercise...now if only this belly would start going down:-)
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