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41 Today!:-)

Thanks to my beloved for the hairdryer & the LJ paid account (I should probably use it more now, right?:-)),
tiggsybabeset family for the Discworld calendar - some very nice pics there - &the well decorated packaging
(here a pooh sticker, there a pooh sticker...)
& my sister (who won't read this but what the heck) for a nice green jumper thingy
(which will go very well with the new shirt & trousers I bought myself last weekend - my version of Henry Ford's old motto is "Any colour you like as long as its green").
I've been tidying & sorting all morning - Marie's not up to going out & although it may not be everybody's idea of a marvellous way to spend your birthday we have had all week & got very little done due to feeling grotty ... we did get stuck in yesterday & the sense of achievement was pleasant.
I do have Monstrous Regiment to look forward to - finally got it yesterday & decided to save it til today.
My usual Saturday night gaming has been postponed til tomorrow so I'll be spending my birthday evening with Marie - I'm sure we can find some way of celebrating:-)
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