Tachyon (tachs) wrote,

Past time for an update

After a week of walking into work the car's back on the road now - & better than ever with a new clutch in it.
I really should walk in anyway when the weather's fine & marie doesnt need a lift & I'm up in time.....but that subset of mornings has had no members so far:-)
As my belly is getting bigger & bigger I really do need to take some exercise-time to dig out the swimming trunks (assuming they still fit*g*) & go for a dip.

My puter is behaving itself a lot better since i did a clean reinstall of 98SE.Been able to run some progs (like Semagic:-)) that I haven't been able to for quite some while.
Things seem to be going better for Marie at work - she's got her supervisor well trained & her new assistants show signs of actually listenung to her once in a while:-) Now if she can just get rid of the cashier who thinks puters are the spawn of Satan things would be hunky dory....
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