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Best Laid Plans.....

We had pressies, we had party games, we had food for the trip, we had a car that had gone down to Poole without any trouble - we thought we were up for a good weekend...
Unfortunately shortly after we hit the M23 we lost power. We pulled over to the hard shoulder & waited for the AA. He turned up after 30 mins, said he couldn't see anything wrong & asked me to follow him off the Mway so he could take a better look. We got back in, I put it in gear,,,& nothing happened. The clutch had gone.Well that explained that..so he towed us off the motorway & we waited for the recovery lorry. he left us opposite a little chef so at least Marie was able have a cappuchino while wee waited.The Relay man turned up after an hour & we were home by 11.He dropped the car outside the garage (the same one that had said the clutch was fine......) & we came back via the chippies - I had a saveloy & her nibs had some battered mushrooms.

So have fun without us, Anna & Pam & crew.
We'll have another go at coming up next month - perhaps you can have 4 parties this year tiggsybabes:-
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