Tachyon (tachs) wrote,

What we did on the Bank holiday - Day 1

We had a nice couple of days away - we ambled (a little slower than we'd have liked due to a fair bit of congestion -a 150 min journey took us 210 , but we weren't in any hurry) along the coast & arrived at Poole at 2pm.
The First fun bit was finding a space to squeeze the car into - luckily little HAP is little:-)
As we arrived our hostess was on standby for ferry duty - the kids (her 2, their boyfriends, & 2 hanger-on) were off to the cinema ...& had been for 4 hours....our eldest niece, Rowena, 16 was having taking her time getting ready.
This might just be cos she'd had 7 shots of vodka on an empty stomach the night before (Raye being a fan of letting them make their own mistakes, though she did try & stop her after 4) & had been busy regurgitating much of the night.
With the youngsters out of the way we sat & caught up with Raye, munched on some burgers & chips & then under the influence of a little white wine dozed off in front of the telly.We finally retired about 2am, leaving our hostess to sleep on the sofa while we nicked her room:-)
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