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I like the last one...

tachyon is a particle proposed independently by gerald feinberg and by george sudershan and co
tachyon is not limited to a certain frequency
tachyon is changing everything
tachyon is a constraint
tachyon is an implementation of a constraint
tachyon is applied to an area
tachyon is associated with a religion
tachyon is still more like a treat for the hardcore space flight
tachyon is not a frequency
tachyon is the name given to the supposed "fast particle" which would move with v>c
tachyon is a theoretical particle mathematically derived from einstein's equations for general relativity
tachyon is mission
tachyon is focusing on delivering private data networks to enterprise customers
tachyon is a theoretical subatomic particle that travels faster than light
tachyon is not a "me
tachyon is a hypothetical particle that travels at superluminal velocities
tachyon is a space fighter for phoenix force
tachyon is the global leader in the delivery of two
tachyon is highly effective but at the same time gentle
tachyon is a multiprocessor ray tracing system which can be used as a standalone program
tachyon is rapidly changing to accomodate new rendering primitives and speed optimizations
tachyon is worth the extra ten dollars
tachyon is to keep the hardware requirements fairly modest while not compromising the graphic presentation of the game
tachyon is committed to singapore
tachyon is collaborating with ime so as to tap on ime's expertise and facilities
tachyon is the latest offering from novalogic
tachyon is a little of both
tachyon is a real word
tachyon is a great tool
tachyon is travelling with infinite
tachyon is a space combat
tachyon is a good enough excuse
tachyon is a very nurturing addition to anyone’s life
tachyon is not only emerging as one of the san diego area's most
tachyon is one of the central characters from the wild cards shared world series
tachyon is a hypothetical particle whose momentum 4
tachyon is fine mathematically; physics
tachyon is spacelike and you can create di
tachyon is a theoretical particle or wave which travels faster than the speed of light
tachyon is an alter ego and therefor all rules for alter ego's apply
tachyon is the result
tachyon is a competent addition to the genre that sprouted wing commander and freespace
tachyon is a terrific space sim
tachyon is a leader in
tachyon is a hypothetical particle that can travel faster than light
tachyon is so successful in its execution is the delivery of the voice
tachyon is far from bad
tachyon is an ongoing project of mine in order to express myself through digital medium
tachyon is a southern california based provider of high
tachyon is
tachyon is very useful
tachyon is also very sensitive
tachyon is establishing the first truly global internet service
tachyon is completely free for members and ships alike to join
tachyon is a theoretical particle or wave which travels faster than the speed of
tachyon is a cutting edge energy modality merging science and spirituality
tachyon is the future of holistic healing
tachyon is bringing to the ip over satellite
tachyon is a hypothetical particle first conjectured by scientists in the mid 60's
tachyon is both compelling and well written
tachyon is a type of formless zero
tachyon is all about
tachyon is totally non
tachyon is rolling down the potential
tachyon is a theoretical particle which is meant to travel faster than the speed of light
tachyon is a sure thing
tachyon is de oerenergie van het universum en wordt in elke spirituele traditie beschreven
tachyon is dat wat in de meest primaire zin resoneert met "geen einde" en daarmee als het ware het volmaakte in het onvolmaakte kan sluizen
tachyon is best voor mij de basiswerking is voor elke tachyon dezelfde
tachyon is imaginary
tachyon is source energy
tachyon is that the individual missions are all too scripted
tachyon is a theorectial particle
tachyon is the private sector partner
tachyon is a fairly new roleplaying organisation that puts gaming first and politics to the side
tachyon is headquartered in san diego
tachyon is a theoretical sub
tachyon is a leading provider of innovative web
tachyon is as follows
tachyon is converted into the pion's frequency by the soef
tachyon is located in san diego
tachyon is great

Courtesy of roobarb & http://googlism.com/
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