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Reading Questionnaire - Tachyon — LiveJournal
May 3rd, 2003
03:43 pm
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Reading Questionnaire
1 .What do you read?

SF/F, some crime fiction (mostly historical). RPG & computer texts..+anything thats around.
I'm the sort of person who reads the side of a cereal box if there's nothing else

2. What sort of reader are you?

voracious!*g* I have several books on the go & read them depending on where I am.

3. How do you read?

usually in chunks - but when I have a new good book (eg the latest Pratchett or Bujold) I put aside all distractions & settle down & read it in a couple of sessions

4. Where do you read?

Anywhere & almost everywhere. I have my psion & or a book in my pocket wherever I leave the house

5. Where don't you read?

In the shower or (heavy) rain or when driving the car

6. Do you reread?

Yep.If it's a good book it gets reread.I frequently reread Pratchett - He cheers me up.

7. Do books help in other areas of your life?

Well the Computer & rpg books have obvious applications.I also read as research for Gaming.
& peripheral benefits -Pratchett fandom has introduced me to some very good friends & I work for a book wholesaler so if it weren't for books I'd be out of a job

8. What are you reading now and what will be next?

rereading WoT & Wee Free Men. Reading the First Kay Scarpetta

Current Mood: boredbored
Current Music: X-men on Fox Kids

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