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Tuesday was fairly shitty - Tachyon — LiveJournal
April 24th, 2003
06:48 am
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Tuesday was fairly shitty
i had a headache most of the day - it might be due to our new office -
before the refit it was prone to floods (from the loo I think *g*) & it may
still be a bit damp - 40% humidity. so I just got home & collapsed onto the
bed. I then emptied my pockets before hanging my jacket up. after I'd had a
rest & felt a bit better(aided by my munching on the creme egg egg my beloved
had bought me for Easter ) I started tidying up a bit. unfortunately my
Psion used this as an excuse to go into hiding complete with my last journal
entry. I hunted around for a bit but was feeling tired so i decided to nap
til the scaree one got home I eventually found it the following
morning half under the bed on Marie 's side. Marie didn't get in til almost midnight due
to a concaternation of circumstances that I assume she'll tell you about in
her own journal when she's good & ready..

Current Mood: sleepysleepy
Current Music: cars wooshing past outside

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