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It's a lovely Saturday by the sea

It's actually short-sleeved shirt & sunglasses weather - though it gets pretty chilly in the shade.
I've just been out in it to take the scaree one her lunch, & try to get her out of the shop for her lunch break.
This was a uphill struggle, what with it being Grand National day & her being down a person - she seemed to think standing in the post office queue for 10 minutes constitued a break - but her staff & I managed to get her out for a cup of coffee next door.
I then poodled down the road to our local gaming shop to see if they'd managed to get Thud
in for me.Nope - try again next week.Ah well, them's the breaks.
Our Ars game is off again tonight - this time it's cos the GM
would rather got to a rugby game...but we're hoping to reschedule for tomorrow evening.

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