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From Twitter 05-06-2011 - Tachyon
May 7th, 2011
04:04 am
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From Twitter 05-06-2011

  • 09:20:51: RT @Aleksandr_Orlov: Keep your eyes on telebox for song perform by schoolpups of Meerkovo! Watch out for Bogdan, he is star in the makin ...
  • 22:30:06: This is the one with Vicky Coren in it. She's fighting her corner very well though she doesn't seem to be taking to ... http://bit.ly/dpLijm
  • 23:00:52: Not too sure what to make of this - I quite like Bill Bailey & the baboons' antics are fun - but the 2 together don'... http://bit.ly/k7wBco

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