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Tuesday was not a bad day

Work was livened up by my efforts to persuade our buying dept that Truckers, Diggers & Wings should be listed as Children's books.
In the end the publishers statement that they were crossover titles meant more than Terry Pratchett's insistence they were for Children:-)
I had a migraine again most of the day, but it had cleared up by home time - a good thing too as Kevin the cleaner had left Marie in the lurch again,
& she's got enough to do on Tuesday evenings (weekly figures day) without hoovering her shop - so I dropped off the shopping at home & headed up there with a bunch of flowers. I was rewarded by 48 Cadbury's Cream Eggs.
When we got home I did a bit of reorganising & Marie's dragon from Anna & Andy now has pride of place on the top shelf next door to my Orang statuette.
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